Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sneak Peek at New Listings

Hotshiznik Vintage on Etsy sneak peak to be listed in the next few days;

Vintage 70's Pink and Red Chinese Embroidered Ladies Blouse

Vintage 80's Black Halter Dress w/ sequin beaded accent and asymmetric hem
Vintage 70's Leslie Pomer Jacket

Vintage 60's Flamenco Dress
Vintage 50-60's Pin-Up/Bombshell Swimsuit
(sorry this one was supposed to go up already, but am behind this week)

       Vintage 70's Ethnic Tunic

I have started a new shop for vintage home goods called 'fancypak'
Photos here are for fancypak
There you will find just about anything for your home including vintage kitchen aprons, vintage textiles for bed and bath, vintage fabric and whatever else we can find- even vintage ice buckets!

Vintage 50's Sheer Organdy Apron with Pink Embroidered Flowers  at fancypak soon

 Vintage Grill King Handmade Man Apron
at fancypak soon

Vintage 70's Marimekko Print Pillow Cases
at fancypak soon

(one got left out from Hotshiznik Vintage sneak peek);

Vintage 80's Black and White Skirted Polka Dot Swimsuit
at hotshiznik vintage soon...

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