Sunday, July 31, 2011

Treasury Revival

Duh! I finally figured out a widget to use for posting etsy treasuries. A day late and and a dollar short, but who cares. So making up for all those treasuries I could never publicize;

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Renovation Sale Continues

Renovation sale on my etsy shop of 50% off continues for one more day- just go to on use the coupon code renovationsale to receive your discount.

Now more renovation news

Wow! Exciting driveway! Yes it was for a three year old- very exciting cement mixer action!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


RENOVATION SALE !! 50% OFF ENTIRE STORE ; coupon code renovationsale.
Why renovation sale? We are renovating a 1940's house in an historic district of Atlanta GA and need funding to complete this mission and return to our vintage clothing passion.
Sale lasts thru Sunday, July, 31st. Help us complete our mission!

Above images are reality
Next comes images of future dreams...

(not our house but very classic tudor style that is slightly similar)

Photoshop quick fantasy idea;

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tea Time

Tea Time

 This is my latest story using polyvore selections. I love playing with this program. Its so intuitive! But after it's all put together I realized how many cool little pretties are here that I would like to give a shout out about. The first little pretties that I must speak about are the 'tea time' and biscuit hair accessories. These hair clips have tiny little teacups, and biscuits (British word for cookies) attached.
The company that represents these hair clips is Hannah Zakari,  an independent online boutique specialising in items which are designed or handmade by indie designers with an emphasis on cute, quirky and unusual designs. It's owned and run by Rachael Lamb, in Edinburgh, Scotland. Check them out at
Now, the other goodies in this story are from some big names, who are mentioned in the list below, and yes they are lovely! The Jimmy Choo silver sparkle heels are delicious! But I think in the future I will abstain from big names only to give the little guys some air time. So, please if you read this, turn us on to some independently made pretties to feature!
The polyvore thing does make it easy though folks. I read some on etsy about the bad rap they got because of folk grabbing images without permission and copyright fears. I hear ya, but now etsy is blocked from uploads to polyvore. So, if you want your images up there it has to come from another source, such as an independent website or blog. But really, airtime is airtime folks. Be careful of course, but get your stuff out there! It ain't gonna sell in the closet.

Floral shirt
$72 -

$148 -

Jimmy choo heels
$489 -

Ted Baker patent leather bag
$110 -

Hoolala long jewelry
£13 -

Tea jewelry
£7.50 -

Jon Richard crystal jewelry
£5 -

Layla Amber hair clip accessory
£8 -

Haute House Elizabeth Chair
$2,829 -

Paper > Decorative Edge: A Cherry On Top
$1.43 -

pink vintage 60-70's abe schrader dress

Monday, July 18, 2011

Name That Print Contest

Amazing rare vintage 60's Vanity Fair psychedelic print pajama set.
The top is an unusual printed piece.
I have tried to research the print design from this era but have no definitive results. It does look like a derivative of Hanae Mori, Pucci print or even Milton Glaser's graphic works from the 60-70's. Its just an awesome design and very typical of 1960-70's psychedelic textile designs.
If you think you may know the designer of this print email me and receive 20% off entire store purchase!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

60's and 70's Lovelies

More silhouettes to play with;

I am uploading them to if anyone wants to use them.
They are all vintage dresses from my shop.
This is fun!
Look for new stories with these three lovely dresses!

Flamenco Flair

Little Black Vintage Flamenco Dress

The quintessential 'Little Black Dress' with flair!
1960's vintage, simple bias-cut lightweight crepe fabric with a pop of hot pink color!
Coming next on this blog will be a flamenco/tango story featuring this dress.
I will add this dress to the polyvore bank if anyone wants to use it in a story as well!
Have fun!