Saturday, July 9, 2011

One Of A Kind Beatle Boots?

Just so many choices! Beatle boots are apparently the trend.
These examples of Beatle boots are wonderful, but...original???? Lets talk about original. Vintage versus new- At least with vintage the odds of looking like a clone are few and far between. For instance; take these vintage 60's Florsheim 'Imperial' men's boots from my shop-
They were massed produced in the 60's true, but production on this particular boot ended- stopped -the few that survived the last 40 years is limited- sure Florsheim may have a comparable current boot style, but with vintage, YOU HAVE THE ORIGINAL, looks different. Having an original means something to me in this world of mass produced, disposable everything- and- there are fewer choices- less to think about- less confusion, less stress- free up time to for what may be more important- like what brand of shampoo to buy :)

More Vintage Beatle Boots from my shop; 

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