Wednesday, October 28, 2015

This Week's Vintage Finds

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Vintage East German Army Warm Weather Coat (rain camo)

Vintage 70's Lattice Print mens shirt

Vintage 60's Vanity Fair Nightie

Vintage 70's Fishnet Print mens shirt

Vintage 70's Maxi skirt

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Lamp Finds

Rare Vintage Lamp Finds

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 1920's Rembrandt Floor Lamp
Rembrandt Lamp, c.1920's
The Rembrandt Lamp Company began in 1816 in Baltimore, Maryland. It initially manufactured high-quality gas lamps that have become highly sought after and coveted collectible items over the years. Rembrandt was known for both floor and table gas lamps, which were commonly manufactured out of materials such as brass.
 1928, R. Williamson metal slip shade
R. Williamson Wall Lamp
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The House Of Williamson

The business of this well known house was founded by Mr. Richard Williamson in 1882, who, forseeing the the immense magnitude and the demand that would be made for lighting fixtures, opened a small plant on the Northwest side of the city of Chicago. on Milwaukee avenue. The entire space occupied by them at that time was fifteen hundred square feet. By instilling into this small business those characteristics for which he is famous - pluck and energy - in a short time he was enabled to move into larger quarters, and in 1889, having outgrown the Milwaukee store, he moved to what was then the heart of Chicago, 205 Randolf street.
By this time, the house of R. Williamson & Company had taken rank as one of the leading light fixture houses in the city of Chicago; but even this rapid progress was to be eclipsed, and in 1891 this firm was again forced to seek larger quarters, and located in a large warehouse on Lake Street, near State, which place they occupied until 1986, when this ever growing firm decided to build what was then considered one of the largest Lighting Fixture plants in the western country; and the western section of the present mamouth institution was erected.

Newer Reproductions

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 George Nelson Bubble Lamp

George Nelson’s Bubble Lamps 

Were first conceived in 1947. Since they were first produced, the Bubble Pendant Lamps have been a staple of modern lighting, and can be used in a variety of interior spaces. The simple, sculptural shapes are constructed from an innovative plastic that coats a steel wire-frame. The result is a lighting fixture that eliminates glare and provides powerful yet diffused light. This type of light is unique to the Bubble Lamp material, making Nelson’s Pendant Lamps a distinctive lighting source. Each Bubble Lamp is constructed one-by-one, and is built according to George Nelson’s original specifications. The Saucer Criss Cross Pendant is an authentic member of the Bubble Lamp family, and can be used over a dining room table, or with other Bubble Lamps to create a graphic, sculptural display in a living room.