Thursday, February 11, 2016

Girl, Tween Illustrations from 1960- 70's Vintage Books

I love vintage illustrations! How much of popular culture is coded in these images!
Especially tween girl illustrations from the 1960-70's
I have acquired a mass of vintage books which will be appearing at fancypak. Mostly they are paperbacks, but a few hardback titles are in there too. The mass of books that I have are for children/young adult. I have started listing the 'girl' books and some are up now.
Really fun illustrations! Illustrator, John Fernie seems to be popular in many of these titles.
These 'girl' titles are currently at fancypak. I will be adding a bunch more soon.

Next will be some more 'boy' titles coming soon...:)

Vintage Art for your Walls or Coffee House

We now have a little collection of vintage wall art in the shop at fancypak.

Some art is great for the home, some would be great in a pub or coffee house!




We even have a vintage coffee grinder too!