Monday, July 18, 2011

Name That Print Contest

Amazing rare vintage 60's Vanity Fair psychedelic print pajama set.
The top is an unusual printed piece.
I have tried to research the print design from this era but have no definitive results. It does look like a derivative of Hanae Mori, Pucci print or even Milton Glaser's graphic works from the 60-70's. Its just an awesome design and very typical of 1960-70's psychedelic textile designs.
If you think you may know the designer of this print email me and receive 20% off entire store purchase!


  1. Lovely fabric! I have no idea who designed it though :)

  2. Lovely! i like the psychedelic theme and the colour. no idea about the designer or line tho :(


  3. OOooh interesting - I wish I knew. I love vintage Pucci and there are some signs? I would love to know too : )

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