Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Twiggy Love


I found this crazy mannequin head at a thrift store a while ago. 
She has started to grow on me.
I think the maker must of had Twiggy in mind. Then I started researching Twiggy mannequins and discovered a whole world of Twiggy worship in mannequin form.

Even before Twiggy became an icon, Adel Rootstein, famous mannequin maker, chose her as the model to base a series of six different mannequins on. Twiggy was 14 years old in 1964 when Adel captured her elfish image in mannequin form. 

Sadly, I may say bye-bye to my mannequin if the price is right, she is on the auction block this week.

If anyone out there may know something about her history please share.




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