Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Eames Shell Chairs 2nd Generation Production

I am parting with my beloved Eames chairs!
Up for sale on eBay now!
This listing is for 3 very stunning, c. 1950's,  original Eames Zenith, Elephant hide gray, 2nd generation production (SAX), Easy shell chairs. They have the rubber shock mounts on x base, and black metal legs. The photos speak for themselves, these are 3 very collectible pieces. I cannot find any markings or logo, but apparently this is typical of the 2nd generation production ( as the labels were paper and wear off easily).The true mark is the underside's visible Fiberglass raised texture.

Eames History: 
The earliest fiberglass Eames chairs were produced by Zenith Plastics and came in a limited palate including elephant hide gray. The Zenith produced shells are distinctive for their high fiber content and larger, more substantial rubber shock mounts. The fiberglass chairs came with a range of bases to accommodate different uses and aesthetics. The SAX was the designation given chairs such as this one. With a solid steel base in an X-shape, the lower seat height made it ideal for relaxing and conversation. This chair is from the "transitional" period when Zenith Plastics was still making the shells, but had stopped imbedding rope around the edge.

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