Thursday, September 10, 2015

Name That YSL Shoe

(SOLD) Name That Shoe

Listed this on ebay (9/5/15). Best we can tell is that the style is 'Robyn', cannot find another one anywhere. Especially not one with whatever fur trim this is! What is this fur?! Is it feathers?
Any ideas out there?

YSL Yves Saint Laurent Robyn Patent Leather Houndstooth Wedge Pumps Fur Trim 40

  • Wedge Loafer/Pumps by Yves Saint Laurent, (YSL), Paris size 40.
  • Style line is 'Robyn'
  • Black Patent Leather wedge heel with patent leather accents
  • Houndstooth wool plaid fabric at heel and toe
  • Black suede trim accent at top of wedge
  • Fluffy black (fur/feather) accent at toe
  • Brass chain accent at toe
  • Leather soles
  • The photos were taken in natural light to get a good idea of the color.
  • Hard to find size!!!!
  • These shoes were worn for a fashion show, on the runway only. 
  • The shoes are in excellent, clean condition as you can see in photos. 
  • Heel height is 5".

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