Saturday, November 26, 2011

First Editorial Photo Shoot

Finally, I have done an editorial photo shoot with Hotshiznik Vintage clothing!
I have been dying to experiment with photography and a live model, which I have not done in sooo long. Thematically, I had in mind a nature shoot that would have a slight fairytale aspect going on ( a kind of a wood-land nymph story). I also did not want to deal with gadgetry/technical problems while shooting, so I could be spontaneous to direct the model. I felt my biggest challenge was to get my model to feel comfortable enough, to not look awkward since she is not a professional and gracious enough to give me her time. Luckily my model was great and at ease, a real natural! Thank you Nara! This was a great experience to learn from and the results were not too bad. Having a lovely model, a pleasant environment and a good vibe going on were key. Special thanks to Tracey for her help wrangling my four year old underfoot, providing a lovely vibe and for raising a wonderful, beautiful daughter, who is a pleasure to behold and the star of this editorial, Nara.


  1. These are really beautiful photographs! I'm glad I found your blog on the VFT Etsy page.