Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Renovation Update

I am back! Much work has been going on in the house renovation. So not much vintage fashion talk at the moment. That will be the next blog. But here is what is happening at Hotshiznik;
The wood floors are done after 6 coats of eco-friendly water-based polyurethane! A learning curve to say the least! We (I) used 'Hydrocoat' brand poly with a few drops of tint to get an amber effect.
Word to the wise- thin coats and smooth out as you go. I had a lot of puddled areas of color that are now permanent around the base boards where the application was too thick.
Next was the kitchen. We were given free cabinets from a t.v. production. These had to be scaled down to our tiny (100 square foot) kitchen. Quite a job! The next problem in designing a tiny kitchen was to find a smaller refrigerator and range top. We found the fridge a Fisher and Paykel counter depth stainless at the Sear's outlet, for a super price. So far, we love it! It had good ratings and the freezer at the bottom seems more ergodynamic. More to come....
Here are some kitchen photos. First, before we started;
Now we see the work in progress;

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